Compression Socks For Tired Legs & Swollen Feet (1099 + 200 Delivery Charges)

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Effectively help relieve tired aching legs and swollen ankles.

Flight Socks are designed to be worn in place of normal socks throughout journeys. Long journeys can cause circulation problems. Passengers often experience tired legs and swollen ankles and feet. When you travel by air, the cramped conditions, reduced air pressure and mild dehydration can all make this worse. A more serious circulation problem is deep vein thrombosis, this is when a blood clot develops in a deep leg vein. Scholl Flight Socks help to prevent these problems by applying gentle pressure to improve blood flow.

Clinically proven graduated compression system to improve circulation.
Designed for continuous comfort on long journeys
Helps improve blood flow to prevent circulation problems, such as deep vein thrombosis
Help prevent tired and aching legs so that you arrive at your destination feeling revitalized.
Help prevent swollen ankles and feet resulting from long journeys

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